Hello! Well, it's certainly been a while since my last post. My apologizes for that! My life has changed in the most amazing way over the past few months: I got MARRIED! I've been consumed with wedding planning, crafting, apartment hunting, honeymooning, moving, furniture shopping, cooking, decorating and working of course at my main retouching gig in NYC. Phew!

I'm starting to finally settle in and adjust to this new life, and new identity...Mrs. Lindsay Brayda. Whoa. I have big plans in the works in the upcoming months; new logo, new work, new everything! So be on the look-out...

Here is just a small glimpse into what my life has been like the past few months. It's good to be back. :)

gathering wedding supplies & cashing in one of our wedding jars!

the most fabulous bachelorette weekend in Ithaca, NY with my main ladies

finding our first apartment <3


honeymooning in montego bay <3